MS Society Charitable Support

The MS Society is the UK’s biggest MS charity with over 32,000 members. We’re proud to have been working with the charity for almost 8 years and during this time, are delighted to have raised £100,000. The charity constantly relies on donations and they’ve invested £17 million into 70 research projects, with the hope that one day they will find a cure for the disease.

Founded in 1953 by Richard Cave because his wife Mary had MS, Richard was frustrated at the lack of treatments and support available and so organised the first meeting at Chelsea Town Hall in West London, which a small group of people attended. Today, the MS Society have 32,000 members and groups in every part of the UK. Richard’s work has inspired thousands of volunteers, supporters and staff members to make a difference to the lives people affected by MS. Today the MS Society has a network of 5,500 dedicated volunteers who are spread throughout the UK. These committed volunteers work tirelessly for the cause and donate 700,000 hours of their time every year.

Did you know that every day in the UK, 14 people – typically in their 20s or 30s – are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a life-long, chronic condition for which there is currently no cure. MS is a neurological condition which means that it affects your nerves and is caused when your immune system isn’t working properly.

More than 100,000 people in the UK have MS. Every one of them shares the uncertainty of a future with MS. It attacks at random; many of its symptoms are invisible to others; it can worsen steadily, or remain unpredictable throughout your life.

The MS Society’s aim is to find a cure for MS and as they do so, we will continue to raise funds for them with our inkjet & toner recycling scheme.