The Evolution Of Printing

Cartridges 19 May 2017

The Last 100 Years… Printing has come a long way since its invention back in 200AD. Back then, woodblock printing was the only option. Things moved forward quickly over the next 1700 years, with the introduction of Movable Type, Etching, Rotary Press & Hectograph all making their stamp, and then eventually being replaced. However, the


7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Red Bus Cartridges

British 16 March 2017

Money Back Guarantee Here at Red Bus Cartridges, we thoroughly test our entire range of recycled toner cartridges, and are confident in the quality of our products.  However, if you don’t find them to be satisfactory, we’re happy to send you a replacement or a full refund. Speedy Delivery Order our products before 6pm and


Struggling To Install Your Printer Cartridges?

Cartridges 15 March 2017

Struggling to install your printer cartridges? If so, you are luck! Head to our YouTube Channel today for a wealth of installation videos for a number of different remanufactured cartridges. Below is an installation video for the remanufactured HP CF360A, CF361A, CF362A and CF363A toner cartridges.   Also, if you’re ever in need of any additional



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