National BBQ Week

National Days 30 May 2017

15 Fun Facts About BBQ National BBQ Week runs from May 29th until June 4th and to mark the occasion, we have provided you with a list of interesting facts about the hugely popular summertime tradition… 1 – The first recorded use of the word barbeque was by British buccaneer, William Dapier, in 1697. 2


British Sandwich Week

National Days 15 May 2017

20 Amazing Sandwich Facts British Sandwich Week is underway, and everyone here at the Red Bus Cartridges HQ couldn’t be happier. Sandwiches are without doubt the most popular lunch option for those living in the UK, so we thought it was time to share some wisdom through some facts, which you can find below… 1


National Stationery Week

National Days 24 April 2017

20 Fun Facts About Stationery National Stationery Week is upon is, with April 24-30 marking this year’s celebration of writing and office materials. Below, we have complied a list of 20 facts about stationery. As ever, feel free to share your opinions over on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 1 – An average sized pine tree can


St George’s Day

National Days 22 April 2017

5 Interesting Facts About Saint George To celebrate St George’s Day, we have compiled a list of key facts about Saint George, England’s Patron Saint… He Wasn’t Actually English Saint George was actually born in Cappadocia in the year 280. In case you were wondering, Cappadocia is the area now known as Turkey. Even though Saint


National Tea Day

National Days 21 April 2017

15 Interesting Facts About Tea Just five days after UK Coffee Week ended, it is now time for tea to take centre stage. April 21st is National Tea Day and as we gave you 15 interesting facts about coffee last week, we only though that it was fair to do the same with our beloved


UK Coffee Week

National Days 11 April 2017

15 Amazing Facts About Coffee April 10-16 is UK Coffee Week and to mark the occasion, we have provided you with a list of facts about the world’s most popular hot beverage. 1 – Approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world on a daily basis. 2 – Coffee is now more



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